Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We will be spending the weekend in Sabula (Iowa's one & only island city) with the Hoyers!! The weekend should be filled with plenty of food, family traditions, more food, shopping, and celebrating Christmas. I always look forward to this weekend, we always have such a great time. Hope you all have a great weekend too!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Luck Mustangs

We want to wish the
Football team
Good Luck on Friday!!

We thing the Mustangs
have what it takes to be

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend News

The Girls & I started our weekend early, on Thursday night we drove to Armstrong so we didn't have to leave as early to go to the game. We got to witness the A-R football team play an amazing game, the boys played a great game. With the win.... we now get to make the trip back to Cedar Falls again on Friday to watch them play in the championship game against the Lenox Tigers!!!
It was nice to see friend & family at the game that I have not seen for awhile. I had made Mustang shirts for my sister & her girls to wear to the game, they turned out so cute. ( I will post pictures when I get some)
After the game, I stopped at my old friend, Erica Steinlage's house. (AKA...Erica Christie) Erica & her family live in New Hampton now, so since I was close, I had to stop. It was so good to catch up with her, we both have such busy lives with work & kids, we don't always get to talk much on the phone.
We did not roll into Armstrong until 12:30, so by the time I got into the house (some know what I'm talking about), got the girls in, unloaded our stuff, I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was glad the girls let me sleep in on Saturday morning, it had been a busy week with getting the house ready, making shirts, & driving across the state of Iowa.
Girls & I stopped at Fairmont to eat some good ole' China Buffet before we drove home. We did get a call that someone wanted to show our house on Saturday, we were excited about that. The only thing was, we were getting home the same time they wanted to see the house, so we hung out in the Pizza Ranch parking lot until they left.
Cory, Michelle & the Boys stopped over on their way home, they were in Sioux Falls for the day doing a little shopping. It is alway great to have family out to see us!! (Tate loved Kristin's cat, diver!!!)
Chris was home this weekend, he got the chance to hang out with his buddy Jeff on Friday night, they had some good male bonding since the girls & I were out of town still.
Saturday night, I was ready to go out & have some time away from the girls, like I said earlier, it had been a long week. Chris stayed home with the girl until the babysitter was able to come over, while I went uptown.
Chris got up & made us all Bacon & Eggs for a late breakfast before he headed back to DesMoines again. The girls & I got a little shopping done for the Hoyer Thanksmas. (we celebrate X-mas the same weekend of Thanksgiving)
After I got the girls all tucked in bed tonight, I started some of my Christmas baking!!! Yes, the carmels are made.... now they just have to be cut & wrapped....uhhggg!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

House For Sale

It is Official... Our House is on the Market!!!

Take a look... Click Here

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy 30th
Birthday Erica !!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Headed to the Dome

Congratulations to the Armstrong-Ringsted Mustang Football Team on a 49-14 win over NSK!!! It was a great game, but COLD!!! The girls & I braved the cold weather in the bleachers the whole game.. We are so excited to go to the UNI Dome in Cedar Fall on Friday to watch the game against the Stanton Vikings!!!

Here are a couple pictures of my cousins...

#25 Tyler Tonderum

#13 Dakota Odermann

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had another busy week here at the Hoyer house. I got the Durango back on Wednesday night(yea!!) But had to take it back in on Thursday because I had a light on my dash come on, and since I am a girl I took it in to have it looked at. Turns out it just had some O2 in the lines, what a relief.
I had another Durango scare on Friday, I thought that some dumb ass backed into me in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I was so nervous to tell Chris, I knew he was not going to be happy, so I decided to wait till he got home to tell him about it. Lucky me... when Chris looked at it, he told me that the bumper got dented & scratched when HE backed into the neighbor 6 month ago. ( I know what you are all thinking... the Hoyers are horrible drivers!!)

We had a very nice Halloween. I sent Madi to daycare on Friday so she could go to the party there & Kayla had a party at school. Our Daycare has supper at the center on Halloween so the parents don't have to worry about making supper & more time for Trick-or-Treating. I took the girls out Trick-or-Treat with some friends in town since Chris was not going to be home till later. It was fun to see all the kids running to all the houses. Madi & I stopped early so we could go see Chris, we were all excited to see him. When the rest of the group was done Trick-or-Treating, we had little get together at our Friend Wendy & Troy's. There was about a dozen kids there, the energy level was very high considering they all were eating their candy!!

Saturday we got a lot of work done around the house, I think that we are ready to Sell!!!
Saturday night Chris & I went to a friends house for a party since Chris & his "Roommates" were back. We had a great time!!
Sunday we had brunch with some friends, and finished up some yard work before it was time for Chris to take off back to Des Moines. We had such a great weekend, it was hard to see Chris leave!! The rest of the day was a lazy day...it was nice!!
Tomorrow I am headed to Remsen, IA to watch the A-R Football team play. I figured since I have a shorted drive than everyone coming from Armstrong, I would go see my Cousins Tyler(#25) & Dakota (#13) play some play-off football. Go Mustangs!!!