Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend in Okoboji

Another busy weekend has come and gone for us. Thursday after work (well after Chris got home from work, I was home all day with Madi) we went to Okoboji to start our weekend a little early. The girls were so excited to go the the water park, only to find out when we got there that it was not open that night, and didn't open until 4 o'clock the next day. I'm not sure who was more pissed off; me, Chris or the girls!!! We managed to make the best out of the night anyway, without swimming!
Friday morning Michelle, Griffin & Tate came over & went with us to another hotel's pool to go swimming, they all had a great time swimming. After lunch we had a little birthday party for Madison, she was so excited to show Tate her cake. (She only took it out of the fridge, by herself, 5 times before he got there, we are surprised that the cake did not end up on the floor!!)
Friday night my Mom, Dad & Ally came over to see the Birthday Girl too, we all had a fun at the water park. Madi got to go home with Grandma & Papa that night & spent the next day with them since Kayla had a wedding on Saturday.
Saturday was a busy day for Kayla & I, and a very relaxing day for Chris. (He got to lay around & watch football all day) Kayla loved getting pampered, we went and got her hair done and she got a manicure & pedicure from her mom. We got her into her beautiful dress & off to the church for picture all before 2:30. (by this time, I was ready for a drink!!)
Kayla was a candle lighter at her Uncle Jarrett & New Aunt Mica's wedding. When they first asked Kayla to light candles, I was a little nervous. (Kayla was only 6 and had never lit a candle, playing with fire was not something that we let her do!) But with a little help from her Dad, Kayla did a great job. We had a great time at the reception, Kayla loved dancing & listening to the live band (Chrome Union) She was to tired, she fell asleep in her dress!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

4 Years....

Today is our 4 year Anniversary
Today is an exciting, but very scary day for our family, many of you may not have known that Chris has been interviewing for a job in West Des Moines, Iowa. They called yesterday and offered it to him, but they did not give us much time to decide what to do. After many talks, tears, support from family & friends and financial planning, we have decided to take the job!!! We are moving back to Iowa!!! I don't have a lot of time to get into details, I will get to that next week for you all.

This weekend is another busy one for us, with today being our anniversary, Madison turns 3 on Friday and Kayla is in a Wedding in Okoboji on Saturday, we will have plenty going on to take our minds off the move. We are headed to Bridges Bay after work Thursday to hang out at the water park with the girls. We have not talked about it much with them, so this will be a good opportunity to do so.
Hope everyone has a great weekend---

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kayla's 2nd Grade School Picture

School Pictures are back already!!!

Weekend in Armstrong

The girls & I spent the weekend in Armstrong hanging out with friends and family. We were very excited to go to the A-R Homecoming Football game on Friday to watch my cousin Tyler play. The weather was beautiful for the game, the girls both got to wear their "Go Tyler" shirts I made them last year. (Note that Madi did not want her picture taken with Tyler, when he picked her up, Madi pushed him away. She said that he was all wet & gross!!)
Saturday we headed to Fairmont to have lunch with my Aunt Susie & cousin Stasha. For those of you that did not know, my cousin Stasha was diagnosed with cancer in her hip about a two months ago. She is in full swing with her treatments. I'm so proud of her, she has been so strong with all the bumps God has thrown in her way. It was so nice to just sit down & hear her story of what she has all been through.

Saturday late afternoon we were so thrilled to get to see part of the Felkey Family for alittle while, we always love seeing them whenever we get the chance since we live so far away from them. After Supper we got the chance to hang out with Jenn & Brooklyn, they were also in town for the weekend.

My Mom & Mad were away at the races all weekend, I have to say it was a little different being back home when they were not around. Madi woke up Saturday morning and went into Grandma's room to find that Grandma was not there, she said to me "Grandma didn't come home last night" Sometimes she is so funny!! Needless to say, the girls were so excited to see Grandma & Papa this morning when they got up. Most of today was spent just hanging out with them- Kayla loves to just snuggle with Grandma & Madi enjoyed helping Papa mow & shoot off the rocket. After a nice supper, it was time to make the trip back home. Madi was sleeping before we even left town and Kayla played her DS, so that made for a nice quiet ride home. It is always nice to be home..... but I hate unpacking

Chris' Weekend

You may have noticed that just the girls I & were in Armstrong for the weekend.... Chris had a busy weekend too.

Last Year, Chris took up a new hobby, he Refs football games. Him & 4 other guys put together a crew & started doing JV & Jr High games around here. They really enjoyed it so this year they got certified with the South Dakota Athletic Association and have a busy schedule. They are doing a lot of JV & Jr High games and have had 2 Varsity games so far.

Friday Night Chris had a game in Viberg, SD (about and hour south of Sioux Falls... that's what they tell me.) After his game he drove all the way back to good ole' Ringsted. He left Saturday morning to go to Minneapolis for Vikings game with some friends.
Chris will be staying in Ringsted tonight too, he has to go to Des Moines for work on Monday. I hope he does not run into any problems since he will be without his cell phone... Chris lost his phone on the way to Minneapolis Saturday..... he placed it on top of the car at a rest stop & forgot it!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Jumped On

Well... The Hoyer Family has jumped on the Blog Bandwagon!!! After getting addicted to some of our friends & family's blogs, I have decided to give it a try. I will try to keep it updated the best I can with pictures of the girls. I hope you all will find this helpful in keeping up with our busy life.