Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Been A long Tme!!

Sorry for the lack of updates on us lately... we have keeping pretty busy.

Chris has been in Des Moines for a week and a half, he likes his new job. It is a lot of new information to learn right now, but he feels like he is catching on pretty quick.
The girls & I are getting along okay without having a man in the house, although I have to say, it is different having him gone.
I had a little "accident" the first night that Chris was gone... I backed the Durango into the garage door!!!! Not good, but I guess that is why we pay for insurance. I have to say I think I have handled every thing just fine & hopefully the Durango will be out of the shop soon.
Kayla had a Halloween Sleep Over for Girl Scout last Friday, she had a great time, she said that she only slept for a hour!!! (I have a hard time believing that)
Saturday morning the girl, Emily & I walked in a 3.3 mile breast cancer walk in Brandon. When I signed up a couple weeks ago, I did not know that I would be taking the girls with me, but since I'm playing 'single mom' I did not have an option. The girls did great, we did have times when we had to drag Kayla along, Madi fell out of the stroller once, and we finished last, but it was all worth it. Did I mention that I won the best door prize they gave out.... 3 free buffet to the Pizza Ranch...Yea!!!!
Saturday afternoon we headed to Armstrong, we went back to attend a benefit for my cousin Stasha. It was nice to see that they had a good turn out!! Sunday was a lazy day for us, we hung out at Mom & Dad's, the Merrill's stopped by, it was nice to play with my nephew Max. Uncle Gary & Aunt Connie stopped by too, we got to talk about the upcoming football playoffs. A-R play on Wednesday night against Woodbine. Go Mustangs!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Thank you Denny & Faith for all the hard work you did at our house the last 2 days!!
On Thursday morning, my in-laws came up to help me get the house ready to sell. I had a lot of projects that needed to get done and I was not finding the time to get them. For weeks Faith would call and ask what she could do to help & what I needed done, she kept asking for a list.... and a list is what she got!!! Faith worked inside while Denny worked outside, what a great team.
After working them both so hard, we all went out that night for some drinks with some of Chris' work friends.
Kayla did not have school today so Grammy took the girls out for breakfast this morning. We had a couple unfinished projects from "the list" that we got done this morning. Thing look great here!! I think I should have everything else ready to go soon, Then we should be ready to show the house to sell!!

What is it at you are supposed to bury in the yard to help you sell your house fast??? If anyone knows what I'm trying to think of, help me out. Or if you have any other house selling tips, please share!!!

The Girls & I are headed to Armstrong this weekend to go to the A-R football game. Chris has a game to ref tonight & then is headed to Des Moines on Saturday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily

Emily celebreted her 20th Birthday on Monday!! We were so happy help her celebrate, We surprised her by showing up where she was having supper with an ice cream cake. She loved it!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Job

Just a quick note on Chris' new job & "The Move"

Chris taking this new job was a big decision for our family, but after many list of pros and cons... the pros won!!! The job Chris is currently at, he is in the home equity sales department, he helps people get money by taking out a home equity line of credit with Wells Fargo. The job Chris starts in a couple weeks, he will be in the mediation department at Wells Fargo in West DesMoines. He will be helping people, who are going to be loosing their homes, find a way to keep them. (??I hope that all this info is correct---I don't understand most of the "Bank" talk, so this is how I understand it!!) Our way of thinking was that with the way the economy is going, there is going to be a bigger need for his new job rather that is old job, only time will tell!!
Chris will start in DM on Oct. 20th, he will be staying with some friends of ours until we sell our house and all move down. Our Friend, Chris & Mandy Nelson, are new to DM also, Mandy & my Chris worked at the Bank in Sioux Falls together. (Chris actual helped hire Mandy when he was on a recruiting trip at Waldorf) Chris & Mandy Nelson are great friend of ours, we were very sad to see them leave Sioux Falls in June, they are very excited to have us in DM with them.
The girls & I are going to stay in Brandon until we get our house sold, we have not listed it yet, but hopefully we will be doing that soon. I can't say that I'm looking forward to being home by myself, but I will manage, I guess I'm "taking one for the team!!"