Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Wow... It has been a long time since I have updated this.. Sorry, I'm not very good at this!!

What we have been doing since the last post...
**We have signed a 6 month lease on a townhouse in West Des Moines, Chris will move in May 1st, and the girls & I will move down when Kayla gets done with school.
**We booked a trip to Las Vegas with Jerm & Kristy Madden. (We actually booked this in February, but i forgot to write about it) We will be gone June 1-5. We can't wait, Chris & I are in need of a little Vacation!!
**Grandma Walrod has been in and out of the Hospital, so we have been worried about her. She has been in all of our prayers.
** We were back in Armstrong for a weekend and Partied "Old School" at the Harris Farm. That was a Fun night!!!
**Chris spent a weekend in Sabula with his Family. The girls & I were sad that we did not get to be there, we will be glad that when we get to Des Moines, It will be a much shorter drive. (Thank you Erica for letting Anthony Play with Chris on Saturday!!! I hope they did not get into Trouble!!!)
**Girls & I went to my cousins wedding in Akron last weekend & enjoyed the blizzard.