Friday, February 27, 2009


Sorry I have not updated for a while- the month of February has been pretty busy for us.
The 2nd weekend in February we spent in Armstrong, the girls & I got the chance to go watch my cousin Tyler play basketball on that Friday night. It was fun to watch Madi at the game cheering for Tyler, we had to teach her that his number was 22 not 25 like in football. (she was cheering loud "Go 2-2!" or "shoot it Tyler" I'm pretty sure the regulars thought that she was a crazy Tyler Fan.)
We really did not have much planned for the rest of the weekend, I actually was not feeling the greatest, so Chris took Madi to Ringsted the hang out with his buddy Stitch (Chris Jones) and his 2 boys. Madi had fun playing & dad got to catch up with Stitch.
We took a Mini-Vacation on Valentine's weekend. We took off on Thursday after work to go to Sabula, Iowa to spent the weekend with the Hoyer's. That Friday night the Felkey's invited us over for supper and Chris got a chance to play "the Tax Guy." It is always fun to see all the kids playing together.
Saturday we took the kids up to Dubuque to the indoor water park- They LOVED it!! That night Grandma & Grandpa volunteered to watch the kids so Chris & I and Erica & Anthony could have a romantic Valentines dinner. We went across the river and had supper at Poopy's (yes.. I said Poopy's- as in Shit- doesn't really sound 'Romantic.' It is a biker bar/restaurant, they have great food. We like going there when we are back.)
After Supper we ended up hanging out in Sabula at Chris' cousins bar that she owns. It is always nice to see family when we are in town. Chris even got to show off his karaoke skills and Erica got to experience her very first solo karaoke performance (with a little audience participation) We had a great night!!!

Last weekend we just hung out in Brandon- didn't really do much, It was nice to have a relaxing weekend.
I'm in Des Moines this weekend, I drove down Thursday afternoon to try to beat the bad weather. The drive was fine, I'm looking forward to hanging out with Chris & seeing what Des Moines has to offer.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steelers Win!!

What a great way to end the season!!! Tonight we watched the game with our friends in Brandon and of course we showed up in our Steelers outfits. We had a couple little pools going tonight at the party and I was the first winner. I drew the card that said the first score would be a field goal. That won me $20!!
Chris was feeling good about the game, he watched pre-game all day long and would randomly chant "Lets go Steelers," as he walked through the house.
Chris was on the edge of his seat during the last couple minutes, not giving up on his team. He was so happy that they got the win. On the other hand, we were quietly cheering for Kurt Warner, the Iowa hero.
At one point during the game Kayla asked me if this was like playing in the UNI Dome. I got to explain to her that Warner played in the UNI dome & in Des Moines, she thought that was pretty cool!!