Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We have found a Townhouse to rent in West Des Moines..... We have the Keys, so we can move things down whenever. The girls & I will 'officially' move down in June after Chris & I get back from Vegas.
This past weekend was busy for us..... After dropping the girls off at School & daycare on Thursday, I hit the road and drove to Des Moines to do the walk through and pay the first months rent at the townhouse. It looks a lot bigger than I remember, maybe because the last time I looked at it, it was full of really big furniture and smelled funny. It has 3 levels, the 3 bedrooms are on the top level with full bath. The master bedroom has a walk in closet and a private bathroom. (I'm going to like this) The Main level is the Living room, Dining area, Kitchen and a 1/2 bath. The basement is finished with another living room and a Laundry area.
I was not in Des Moines long, before I was on my way to Coralville for the weekend. I attended the Iowa Dental Association State Meeting, yeah, does not sound like a lot of fun, but I needed the Cont.Ed hours to get my Dental Assisting Licence switched to Iowa.
I got to stay with a long time friend (and cousin) Karissa Wikert. We had such a great time catching up and reminiscing. It was also a lot of fun to go out with my friend Cindy Preston on Friday night, you could tell we are not college kids anymore.... we were home in bed by midnight!!!
After finishing up my 16 hours of Dental Meeting on Sunday, I met my Sister Melissa and her girls at the Mall for some lunch and shopping. I then had to start my trip back home..... I was not looking forward to the drive.... good thing I only had to drive to Des Moines. It was so nice to Sleep in before heading home.

Oh.. The Girls.... they were at home.... Actually, they had a sleep over with Emily on Thursday Night and Chris came home for the weekend to stay with them. On Saturday they went to the Zoo in Sioux Falls, they said they had a great time. Emily picked up the girls up again on Sunday and took them to a Parade that was in Brandon. They had another sleep over on Sunday. I was glad to be home on Monday.

Madi caught a sub sandwich during the Parade, Emily had her yell "I'm Hungry, My mom does not feed me!!"

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Kimberly said...

Well, it worked...she got a sub! That sounds like something you would have someone else's child do :)